For the year ended 31st December, 2021

Head of accounts

Taka in million

Gross premium income543.28
Investment and other income78.60
Fair value gain on investment in shares (adjusted)132.19
Commission on re-insurance ceded74.62
Less: Purchases of supplies and services117.12
Re-insurance ceded to SBC (net)293.1441.19%
Employees services and benefits102.2514.37%
Net claims53.067.46%
Income tax to Government46.656.56%
Dividend to shareholders44.506.25%
Depreciation, retained profit and reserves171.9724.17%
  • Re-insurance ceded
  • Employees services and benefits
  • Net claims
  • Income tax to Government
  • Dividend to shareholders
  • Depreciation, retained profit and reserves